AI & Robotics

AI & Robotics

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Experienced researchers and I&T professionals around the world are able to demonstrate their skills and expertise in Hong Kong’s AI & Robotics market, as seen in the city’s great demand for highly intelligent robot solutions in many areas.

This exceptional demand comes from the new trends of pre-fabrication and smart re-industrialisation, the evolution from labour-intensive warehouses to fully automated logistic centres, and a request for interactive marketing solutions in e-commerce and retailing. In the medical sector, a new form of surgical practice has created an urgent need for specific surgical robots and precision components.

To stimulate the development of AI & Robotics, the HKSAR Government has set up a designated research cluster to attract world-renowned institutions and entities to engage in the R&D of robotics technology in Hong Kong. In addition, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks has launched the Robotics Catalysing Centre (RCC) and the AI Plug, with the aims of driving co-creation, knowledge transfer and broader market adoption of AI & Robotics technology in various sectors such as logistics, healthcare, construction, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing.

Both the Mainland and the HKSAR Government have enforced specific trade policies in favour of the sector, including the “no quota” measure on importing surgical robots to the Mainland, and the “no tariff” privilege under the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA). With its proximity to the Mainland, Hong Kong acts as a gateway for AI and robotics companies, both local and international, to get into the massive manufacturing base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and other areas on the Mainland.

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