Talent always counts

Talent is the key component to make an economy grow stronger and bigger. In this tech-savvy era, in particular, nurturing a powerful, talented I&T generation is viewed as the priority. As such, Hong Kong has put multiple efforts and resources into STEM teaching and innovation in every phase of education from primary to secondary and tertiary. 

Nurturing makes a big difference

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Home to about 7.3 million people, Hong Kong has gained an extraordinary achievement in tertiary education. Revealed by the QS World University Rankings 2022, three of the universities in Hong Kong were ranked among the top 50 best universities in a list of 1,000 top universities from around the world, covering 80 different locations.

In the area of technology study, five of Hong Kong’s universities were ranked in the top 100 in the broad subject of Engineering and Technology, with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong in the top 20 and 40 respectively. 

The importance of enhancing I&T education continues to grow. In view of this, the HKSAR Government has implemented proactive measures, including the HK$2-billion Global STEM Professorship Scheme, to attract world-renowned I&T scholars, researchers and their teams to work in the universities and research centres of Hong Kong. 

To facilitate a simple and quick work-visa application procedure for overseas technology research experts, a fast-track admission arrangement through the Technology Talent Admission Scheme is available for the purpose. Eligible applicants include tenants and incubatees of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Cyberport, and all companies conducting R&D activities in Hong Kong. 

The areas of R&D activities covered are artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital entertainment, financial technology, 5G communications, green technology, integrated circuit design, Internet-of-Things, material science, microelectronics or robotics. 

Funding and training

The HKSAR Government and other relevant institutions have rolled out different funding schemes/programmes to support the I&T sector. The Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), administrated by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), includes different schemes to support I&T research activities; facilitate technology adoption; nurture technology talent; support technology start-ups and foster an I&T culture.

Both the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Cyberport have set up individual incubation/acceleration programmes and funding schemes for assisting I&T start-ups and nurturing talent.

There are other industry-specific schemes targeting the I&T developments of particular segments such as environment protection, construction, logistics, Chinese medicine and transport. In addition, there are schemes tailor-designed for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in regard to market development and loan guarantee as far as their I&T activities are concerned.

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